Our Academic Services are run by our Head Trainer, Main Technical Advisor for a well-known Hedge Fund Manager and he has a proven track record and experience of nearly 6 years on trading in Hedge Funds for major firms ( AUM : more than 4 B usd, names to be disclosed upon request ).

Hedge Fund Program

We are a trading academy currently offering a 1-year meticulously in-house developed Global Macro Trading Program, with training facilities in both Singapore and Bangkok, ideal for anyone seeking a second stream of income, interested in trading for a living or looking for opportunities in the exclusive world of Prop Trading Firm or Hedge Funds.  

The Trading program starts with an intensive 16-day classroom education ( 1 weekend and 2 full weeks). Regarding the training, it will be focused on Futures Trading and participants will learn how to invest on Stock Indexes, Bond , Commodities and Currencies. Participants will practice trading strategies at their trading desk either on a simulator with the same conditions as reality or for real if they are up for it. Their positions and decisions made on the market as well as their P&L will be analysed and corrected on a daily basis in order for them to become a professional independent trader .During the Training they will have the opportunity to trade for real with the advice of their Professor.

 At the end of the training in-house, they will have 1 year Mentoring during which participants will receive advice for their trades and dedicated coaching. The view is also to develop quality professional trading track record. If participants are talented enough our trainer will recommend them to Trading Arcades, Prop Firm or Hedge Fund. There will also be solutions for backing participants up financially in case they are chosen.

The price is SGD 12,000 for 1-year Global Macro Trading Program. In our recent record, a student coached by our trainer has made a profit of USD 10,000 within 4 months with just a portfolio of USD 15,000. Of course we cannot guarantee the same profit every month but this is to give you an idea about the performances which is possible to achieve when being trained by our professor. This trainer is ready to give participants 1 or 2 trading advice to help them to pay for the cost of the training.

3 Months mentoring Program

We are also offering a 3-month Mentoring Program. This Mentoring is only available online . You will have direct access to our Trainer every day. You will benefit from his Market Analysis, from trade ideas and advice for your personal trades.  

The mentoring is covering different asset classes (Stock Indices, Bonds, Commodities and Forex through Futures Instruments) and is intended to support anyone seeking a second stream of income or interested in trading for a living.

The cost for this 3 month mentoring Program will be SGD 2,250.

Trade Ideas

We will provide you with 4 Trade Ideas / month (trigger levels, target prices and stop-loss points). You will receive this trading signal via email every time we have a trade available.  

Two options are available:
a/ Open an account with our broker partner (competitive commissions, no minimum activity fees) & 4 Trade Ideas / month
Fees: USD 150 / month.  

b/ 4 Trade Ideas / month.
Fees: USD 250 / month.  

This solution is designed for people willing to become professional independant traders, people who want to build a track record to achieve a career in trading, or Anyone seeking a second stream of income.  

Asset Classes covered : Stock Indices, Bonds, Commodities and Forex

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Trading Desks

We will soon providing Equipped Trading Desk with a top trading work station with latest generation cores & technology in our Bangkok office.

Our Strenghs

- Multi Asset and Fully Equipped Trading Desk with a top trading work station with technologies. Audio squawk service for economic data releases and breaking news .  

- Infrastructure: Ultra-Low Latency global data network for multi-asset class trading, Secured and safe server platform ,Ultra-superior wireless network infrastructure.

- Office : Multimedia Board Room, Custom Design Dealing Room lighting for 24hour trading , Meeting Room , Security Card Access, Best Location with access to Mass Transit .

- Negotiate Broker Fees : Competitive wholesale commission rates on the major markets and on most of the assets. 

- Intelligence: We will offer you training programmes from a multi asset perspective. We can also offer you mentoring solution with a direct acces to our hedge fund trainer. If you are talented enough , we can recommend you to Trading Arcade or Hedge Fund.


- THB 20 000 / Month.
- 3 Month deposit required.
- Number of seats limited.
- Advantageous price plans available depending on contract lenght.

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Market Access

We are able to offer traders large future market access with very low brokerage commission rates, as we have negotiated high discounts (no minimum activity charge) with Global Clearing and Broking firms. These low commissions enable our floor and remote traders to become more profitable in the markets as they incur significantly lower commissions costs.

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