How to Transfer Money From Forex Card to Bank Account

Transfer the money overseas at fastest and safest way by Indus Forex by Indian Bank. Thomas Cook provides an efficient international remittance service which enables you to do online money transfers from home in the comfort of your own home. But there are other banks which also allow non-customers to transfer money overseas. But what about a non-customer who wants to transfer money internationally to another country? The following are some of the ways by which you can make this possible.

You should find a provider of international remittances, which has branches in foreign countries like USA and UK. You can go through their websites and check the international transfer rates for any package you may be looking forward to. But be careful, you should only be paying for the services you require, you should not get taken for a ride.

If you have a PayPal account, then you need not go through the hassle of opening a separate bank account. A PayPal account will allow you to transfer funds from your card to your bank account online without any hassles.

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There are companies that give you a bank account free of cost or a small fee. Once your account is open, you can open an international banking account with that bank.

How To Transfer Money From Forex Card To Bank Account?

The other way to go about transferring money abroad is to use the service of Forex brokers. These brokers will provide you with the best deal. They will charge you a small fee but will assure you of a quick transfer.

There are many types of Forex brokers in India and all over the world. You just have to make sure that the broker you are dealing with is registered with the Financial Service Regulatory and Development Authority (FSRA). so that the exchange rate you are dealing with is at par with the market rate. If the broker is not registered, then you will not get the benefit of knowing that rate and thus losing money.

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There are other factors as well that affect the FX rates of Forex brokers. This includes, country of origin, current economic conditions and the country where the broker is situated. This is why you should do a bit of research before opting for a particular broker.

You can also make use of the World Wide Web to find out how to transfer money from Forex card to bank account. You just need to fill up an online form.

The whole process takes about 10 minutes and will let you know the current exchange rates. You can transfer funds from Forex card to bank account from your location or from anywhere else across the globe.

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