What Time Does New Zealand Forex Market Opens?

What time does New Zealand forex market open? This is a question that many traders ask when they have first learnt about the forex market. After all, the forex market is not like other markets that are open for trading every day of the week or so; instead, it is a market that only opens once a week, every Wednesday.

So, how do you know when the forex market in New Zealand is open? Well, there are two main sources of information for forex trading news. One of them is the central bank, who release their own news on Wednesday, and the other is the country’s main forex brokerages. Both of these sources will be very similar, as they always have a similar style of releasing their news and announcements.

In general most countries’ forex brokerages will have their website and homepage up, and provide a couple of different ways of accessing their news, such as through newspapers and magazines. However, this may not be the case with NZ Forex brokers. The NZFTC (New Zealand Stock Exchange Commission) publishes their own website, which are the best place to look for current news about the forex market, but the NZFTC also provides news on their own homepage as well.

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What Time Does New Zealand Forex Market Open?

However, if you are going to get a good overview of trade news, you may want to consider using a website that provides a free forex news service, such as those that have been established by the CFTC, NFA (National Futures Association), or the RBNZ (Rural and Business Bulletin). These websites often provide news on the forex market as well as links to news and commentaries from international, national, and local sources. Some sites also offer a Forex Trading News Alert service, which allows you to instantly check out live forex trade news before others. It is a great tool that can save you precious hours of research time and is definitely worth checking out.

So, now that you know that the forex market does not open on every day of the week, it is easy to understand that you can only find out about it on a regular basis, usually once a week. But the good news is that, due to technology, forex news can be found instantly, so that you can be on top of developments as they happen, instead of waiting until your forex broker’s website has finished publishing their news, and announcements.

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If you are new to trading forex trading, then it may be wise to familiarise yourself with what time New Zealand forex market open is in your country. You can always check the website of your forex broker to find out more information about the country’s forex trading opening times.

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